The East Hertfordshire and Area FASD Support Network was started in November 2015 by two local parents at the encouragement of a local pediatrician, who saw the need for such a group through her work with many local families affected by FASD. A year on families from East and North Herts, Stevenage, Welwyn and Hatfield, Harlow and surrounding area meet regularly to exchange and learn from experiences – good and bad – and support each other through life with FASD.

This couple and their family blogs at FASDLearningWithHope.  The blog has attracted a wide readership with more than 100,000 views.  They tweet as @SB_FASD and @MB_FASD.

Stronger together

We are pleased to be affiliated with FASD UK Alliance.  You can access a positive and informative online network of support via the private FASD UK Facebook page and via @FASD_UK on twitter.  The FASD UK YouTube channel is a portal to lots of information and experts.

For information and resources on a national level, please see the National Organization for Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (NOFAS-UK) website.  Their site includes a host of information, resources, and videos.

The UK & European Birth Mum Network is a network of women who may have a child or children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).  The network is a place where women can share their experiences, support each other and provide peer support.